lunes, 30 de septiembre de 2013

Tarea para 3º de ESO: My favorite Pop-Rock band

Hi there, boys and girls! Here you have the task for this week. You have to choose one of the following music sub-styles, and then to prepare a powerpoint presentation with:

- The main characteristics of the music style.
- The musical instruments used in that style.
- The names and images of four/five music bands or singers belonging to that style.
- A brief history of one of the bands or singers that you prefer: the names of the members, the country where they come from, how many albums they have released, the names of their main songs...
- Four/five links to music videos of this band/singer.

You can use any resources you want (images or photos, videos, hyperlinks...). And don't forget to write your name, the name of the music style and a good image in the first slide!!

You have to upload your presentation to your webpage, and sent an email to the teacher ( The deadline for this task is until next Monday October, 7th.

Have a nice day, and be good!!

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