martes, 21 de mayo de 2013

Bilingual task: Popplet about the "Canarian Day"

Hi everyone!! Here I get the new bilingual task about the Canarian Day. This time you will have to make a popplet with some requested information about this celebration, and the most commom traditions and costumes in the Canary Islands. Remember to read carefully the instructions before doing the task, and be sure you have all the information requested in the instructions. The deadline to send your popplet is on Sunday 9th, June, until 11:59 pm.

Regards, and be good.

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Himar Bautista 3ºB dijo...

Para mi opinión, un trabajo demasiado largo, aunque muy descriptivo sobre las Islas Canarias. Me parecen demasiadas cuestiones para un trabajo, bajo mi punto de vista, un saludo Javier.