domingo, 30 de enero de 2011

3º ESO: Music notation

Hi guys!!!! Here I bring you the task related to music notation (do you remember the theory you learned last Friday during the Music class? Ok then, you'll have to write the names of the following musical figures in Spanish, British English and American English, in the same order they are shown (en el mismo orden en que aparecen). These are the figures:
You must write the answer through a comment to this post. You can do that by clicking on the bottom (en la parte de abajo) of the post, on "Publicar un comentario en la entrada". The deadline to send me this task is Friday 4th (el último día para enviarme esta tarea es el viernes 4), after this day I won't accept your answers.

Finally, you'll have to find out the name of this musical figure, both in British and American English (tendrán que averiguar el nombre de esta figura musical en inglés británico y en inglés americano). I'll give you a clue (les voy a dar una pista): in Spanish, its name is "fusa".
Don't forget the deadline, folks!!!! Cheers, and be good.

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Javier Santana dijo...

Hi folks!! Remember, you have until tomorrow to post your comments with the task (tienen hasta mañana para publicar sus comentarios con la tarea).

Cheers, and be good!!!

Anónimo dijo...

1º(Spanish)Corchea,Quaver(British English),Sixteent note(American English).

2º (Spanish)Blanca,Minim(British English),Half note(American English)

3(Spanish)Semicorchea,Semiquaver(British English),Eighth note(American English)

(British English),Whole note(American English)

5º(Spanish)Negra,Crorchet(British English),Quarter note(American English)

**(Spanich)"Fusa",demisemiquaver (British English), thirty-second note(American English)

Noemí Santana Santana.

jorge 3ºA dijo...

music notation
1.corchea-quaver-eight note
2.blanca-minim-half note
3.semicorchea-semiquaver-sixteenth note
4.redonda-semibreve-whole note
5.negra-crotchet-quarter note
6.fusa-triple crotchet-thirty second note.